Welcome to Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC). We lead the market in the design and installation of dust, mist and fume collection systems. Whatever your industry, wherever you are based, and whatever your processes, we'll provide you with high quality products that will create a safer, more efficient workplace.
Dust and Fume Collectors for Welding: Extracting welding fumes and dust improves worker safety and helps protect sensitive equipment.
Dust and Fume Collectors for Laser/Plasma Cutting: Cleaning smoke particulate and fumes from cutting operations increases safety and improves production.
Dust Collectors for Mining: Controlling mining dust minimizes emissions and reduces equipment failure to maximize production.
Dust Collectors for Pharmaceutical: Containment for Pharmaceutical Solid Dosage applications increases worker safety.
Dust Collectors for Food Processing: A clean facility is vital for worker and visitor safety and in some industries, such as food processing, important for quality control.
Coolant Mist Collectors for Machining: High emulsion collection efficiency and "24/7" performance for increased productivity and lower operating costs.
Oil Mist Collectors: Handle ultrafine, hard-to-capture oil mists and fumes generated by machining processes with very high separation efficiencies.
Farr Gold Series on a feed dust application at Adams Grain.
Four Farr Gold Series dust collectors on a blasting application at ASC.
Twin Gold Series GS48s on concrete panel sandblasting.
Two GS12 dust collectors on a welding application at Toyo Seat, USA.
Lots of GS units in a line.
Gold Series on a blasting application at Australian Submarine Corporation.
GS72 on Welding Smoke at Nissan North America, Inc.
GS16 on a food processing application.
GS36 on paper dust.
GS36 on coffee filter paper dust.
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