Learn-Over-Lunch Events
These events provide a casual, yet effective way to meet with engineering firms and other customers to provide a demonstration of the Farr Gold Series and discuss technical issues regarding industrial dust collection.

These events provide a semi-casual setting to meet with engineering firms and other interested customers to learn about and experience a hands-on demonstration of the Farr Gold Series®. Typically, a short PowerPoint presentation is followed by the equipment demonstration right on the company's site. Then, discussions continue and questions are answered during a Farr supplied lunch.

An example is the Learn-Over-Lunch event at Clark, Richardson & Biskup (CRB), a engineering design firm involved in facility and process design for high technology industries such as pharmaceutical. Rick Kreczmer of Camfil APC and Farr rep Ross Ackerson of Air Solutions, Inc. arranged this event with CRB on August 29, 2007 in St. Louis, MO.

For this particular event, Rick and Ross brought both a standard Farr Gold Series demo trailer and one with a bag-in/bag-out (BIBO) cartridge filter change-out system. The BIBO system enables filter change-out in a completely contained procedure, usually required in pharmaceutical applications. 30 to 40 CRB engineers came out to their parking lot to see the Farr Gold Series, feel its tough construction and learn its easy maintenance features. Then they ate a hearty bar-b-que lunch that Rick and Ross served up. The outdoor lunch included burgers, brats, hot dogs, chips and monster cookies, and got the CRB guys out of the office on a nice St. Louis day.

A discussion of technical issues regarding industrial dust collection led to a possible application that CRB had for a Farr Gold Series. As it turned out, a GS16 model was ordered for one of the projects that CRB was working on.

If you are interested in having a Camfil APC Learn-Over-Lunch event at your company, contact us to discuss and make arrangements. There's more informantion about free on-site demonstrations of the Farr Gold Series here on our site.

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