Dust and Fume Collectors for Welding

Farr Gold Series® on Welding Applications

Extracting welding fumes and dust improves workers safety and helps protect sensitive equipment.

Industrial Welding Fume Collection

  • Fume extraction for central welding systems
  • Worker safety stressed in industrial welding applications

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Worker safety is critically important in welding applications. We place a huge priority on clean air when welding, since welding smoke has been linked to a variety of illnesses.

A well-designed and maintained dust and fume collection system is needed to prevent respiratory problems and keep facilities in compliance with current air-quality requirements. In some cases, a good dust collection and ventilation system can eliminate the need for personal respirators and the challenge of getting employees to wear them.

Also, the equipment currently used in fabricating plants has reached a new level of sophistication. Robotic welding and other computerized systems are more sensitive than machinery was 10 or 20 years ago. If dust is not collected properly from welding stations and similar areas, a million-dollar investment can be ruined in no time.

GS48 with drop-out box on weld fume


GS20L Special on Combined Ambient and Source Welding Fume

Welding Customers

GS72 on Welding Smoke at Nissan North America


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