Dust Collectors for Chemical Processing

Farr Gold Series® on Chemical Processing Applications

From ingestible powdered drugs to mouse poisons, the Farr Gold Series works where other collectors fail.

Types of Applications

  • Paint pigments
  • Agricultural dry chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Insecticides

The Farr Gold Series has proven itself to work very well in these applications. Pesticides and insecticides are common and dangerous toxic materials to capture in a dust collector.

Three GS6's on Yellow Paint Pigment

Stainless Steel High Vacuum (HV) Farr Gold Series

Chemical Processing Customers

  • Dolphin Coatings
  • Technic, Inc.
  • Niro Inc.
  • Jones Fiber Products
  • Sun Chemical
  • EMD Corp.
  • Pacific Clay Products
  • Chem Technologies Ltd
  • Standridge Color
  • St. Gabriel Laboratories
  • Scotts Company
  • 3M
  • Dow Chemical Inc.
  • DuPont

GS32 on Plastic Dust


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