Dust Collectors for Seed Processing

Farr Gold Series® on Seed Processing Applications

Capturing bee's wings to corn silks, the Farr Gold Series can keep your seed processing plant clean.

Typical Agricultural Processes

  • Corn shellers
  • Seed cleaning
  • Seed separators and stoners
  • Seed preparation
  • Seed coating
  • Seed hybrid development
  • General facility ventilation

The Farr Gold Series® dust collector can be used in a variety of Agricultural Seed Processing dust collection applications such as corn shellers, seed cleaning, seed preparation, seed coating, seed hybrid development and general facility ventilation. The vertical cartridge design is recommended for agricultural seed processing.

With its cross flow inlet design and vertical pleated cartridges, the Farr Gold Series keeps material like bee's wings and corn silks from bridging. In extreme cases, nylon overbags can be installed on the cartridges to prevent bridging as well. With installations on every continent and various applications, we can customize a system to keep your seed plant clean.

Safety Considerations

Explosion vents manufactured in accordance with NFPA standards should be used on all flammable applications. The collector should be located outside whenever possible or near an exterior wall with the explosion vents ducted per NFPA standards outside the building.

Multiple Farr Gold Series dust collectors on Corn Processing at Pioneer Hi-Bred.

Seed Processing Customers

GS32 on a corn shelling application

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