Dust and Fume Collectors for Solar Panel Fabrication

Farr Gold Series® on Solar Panel Fabrication Applications

Capture silicon dust and fumes from laser cutting and all processes in solar panel manufacturing.

Dust and Fume Generating Processes

  • Laser cutting for wafer sizing
  • Regrind/recycling of bad wafers
  • Cadmium glass scoring and trimming
  • Cadmium glass coating
  • Waste recycling

Camfil APC is a leader in particulate collection systems for the solar panel manufacturing industry. We have multiple installations on traditional silicon wafer plants and cadmium glass plants. For silicon wafer plants, we provide filtration systems for the silicon dust from the laser cutting process off the ovens in sizing the wafers. We also provide filtration for any regrind/recycling of the bad wafers when ground up and reprocessed. For cadmium glass plants we provide filtration all along the process: trimming, coating, scoring, and waste recycling. With cadmium involved, we use ultra high efficiency cartridges (MERV16) followed by HEPA filters.

GS24 units on a solar panel manufacturer in Massachusetts, USA.


Safety Considerations

For silicon wafer plants we extract the fine fumes from the furnaces and laser cutting process to protect workers and machines from the super fine dust they emit. With the cadmium glass process much more attention is needed due to the toxic nature of cadmium. We recommend Bag In Bag Out (BIBO) filter access and dust discharge removal. We also recommend HEPA secondary filters to meet very stringent EPA laws which are at or below 0.0004 grains per cu ft (1 mg/cu meter).

GS56 on air extraction from furnaces for a solar panel manufacturer in Norway, U.K.


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