Introducing the Handte EM Profi Coolant Mist Collector

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Allowing coolant mist to escape into the workplace causes health and safety hazards for workers. It also damages equipment, electronics, and HVAC systems which can lead to equipment failure and production downtime. The Handte EM Profi from Camfil APC is designed and built from the ground up to capture coolant mist and fumes at a high efficiency using a low maintenance, low running cost, leak-proof, self cleaning, and modular design suitable for 24/7 three-shift operation.

To learn more about coolant mist collection and the Handte EM Profi, watch the video above and click: here.


How It Works

The Handte EM Profi is extremely efficient at separating coolant mist and fumes, thanks to its two stage demister filters and automatic sprayer system. The demisters pull the coolant mist out of the air, while the sprayers prevent the coolant from gumming up the filters. Once the coolant mist containing air has passed through the filtration process and out of the HEPA filter, 99.97% of coolant mist has been removed and the air is completely safe to breathe.

The modular design of the Handte EM Profi means a solution can be customized for your needs, and as your needs grow, it is much easier to expand your coolant mist collection capacity.

The Handte EM Profi’s leak proof guarantee means that not only are workers protected from coolant mist and fumes, but contact and workplace safety hazards that result from coolant leaking into the workplace.

Maintenance, including routine maintenance, is very rare with the Handte EM Profi. When it’s time for filter changes, the Handte EM Profi’s tool free-design, including quick-lock latches, keeps the process much quicker, easier, and safer.


Who is the Handte EM Profi for?

The Handte EM Profi is a perfect solution for any application that uses emulsion based cooling lubricants like turning, drilling, milling, drawing, grinding, pressing, and more.


Want to learn more?

To learn more about the Handte EM Profi and how it helps keep the air safe for people and the environment, click: here.

To request our free white paper, “The Importance of Proper Mist Collection for Worker Health and Safety”, click: here.