Quad Pulse Package

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Without continuous dust collection, many of the processes in the pharmaceutical industry produce dangerous dusts at high concentrations.  This spells disaster for worker health and safety and downtime for filtration system cleaning and maintenance. The Quad Pulse Package was designed specifically to guard against fugitive dust produced by pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Simplifying operation and maintenance with low energy consumption, 24/7 operation, self-cleaning capabilities, compact size and NFPA and ATEX compliance.

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How it Works

The Quad Pulse Package is extremely efficient at collecting pharmaceutical manufacturing dust via a 2-stage filtration process.  After the dust has moved past the first stage and removed the majority of dust particles, it passes to a final stage HEPA filter, which removes the finest and most harmful particles with a 99.995% filtration efficiency, ensuring the air is completely safe to breathe.

Hardy construction provides NFPA and ATEX explosion compliance and market-leading bag-in bag-out (BIBO) safe-change technology is incorporated in all stages of the unit, delivering end to end protection for workers.

The compact design of the Quad Pulse Package means a small footprint and saving precious floor space. This results in simple installations/maintenance and reduces the need for long duct runs.


Who is the Quad Pulse Package for?

The Quad Pulse Package is the perfect solution for any process such as mixing/blending, drying, coating, tableting, or packaging in the pharmaceutical industry.


Want to Learn More?

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